A fiesta is a short time when music plays, stars fall from the sky, and all of your villagers and any visitors in your town go nuts and spend lots of money in your shops.

To launch a Fiesta

When the heart gauge is full, the Fiesta button will appear where the gauge was. Tap it to launch a Fiesta!
You can also launch a fiesta by using these items:
Select the item in the Bag menu, then tap the Use button to launch a Fiesta.

The heart gauge

When you tap on a visitor, they will stop their vehicle, walk to one of your shops, and purchase something (usually). When you tap, you will notice a heart being added to the red gauge at the top of your screen. This also happens when you tap the bus before it stops or you help one of your villagers find someone or something. The number of hearts it takes to fill that gauge increases as you level up - it is equal to four times your current level (i.e. if you're at level 10, it takes 40 hearts, if you're at level 20, it takes 80, etc.).

Tips for profitable Fiestas

  • It is best if your shops have plenty of stock left before launching a Fiesta.
  • Zoom out as far as you can during a Fiesta... that way, you'll be able to see when shops run out of stock and refill immediately.
  • Build several Bus Stops and wait to launch a Fiesta 'til they're all ready to be called. Tap them at the start of your Fiesta.
  • If you have a Taxi Stand, wait to launch a Fiesta 'til it's ready to go. Tap it at the start of your Fiesta. Usually, Taxi Cab visitors will spend around 4,000 coins in your town during a Fiesta.
  • During Fiestas, rich visitors (usually those in planes, fancy cars, taxi cabs, and jet packs) will spend a lot of money in your town. If you see several coming at once, that's a great time to launch a Fiesta.
  • Continue to tap on vehicles passing by during a Fiesta. It will add time to the Fiesta. Buses and Taxi Cabs can also be tapped before they stop to gain a heart.
  • When the Fiesta button appears, do not close the game or go into any other area of the game before launching the Fiesta. Usually this does not cause a problem, but there is a chance that the Fiesta button will be gone when you return and the gauge will be empty.