• 2,000 Coins.
  • Build Time: 00:30:00


You must open your shop menu while in the Forest to purchase. Not upgradeable and you can only build one. There will be no fish in the river until you build this. You can only catch 3 fish at a time. Once have caught 3 fish, there will be no fish in the river until 3 hours later. Misses do not count. To see how much time is left before there are more fish, click on the cabin.
You can reset the fish in the river by leaving the Forest for a moment and then returning: it doesn't end the fishing season.

Alternative Description

Go fishing in the river. You're only allowed to do so after building the Fisherman Cabin. After catching 3 fish, the 'season' will be over and you'll have to wait 3 hours to catch more (misses don't count towards the 3)

Pearl of Light

Forest Fish Pearl Of Light
Pearl of Light only appear at night as a distinctive shape, can be caught the same way the other fish are.