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Coin is a currency unit that is used in the game, except Seaside Street and Beach area.

Earning Coins

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  • The more villagers you have in your town, the more coins you will earn. Build as many houses as you can to get as many villagers in your town as possible.
  • If you leave your game open and restock often, you will earn coins much faster than if you only open the game every few hours to restock.
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Flooz is a premium currency unit that is used in the game.

Earning Flooz

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  • Fortune Wheel
  • The Dungeon will reward a player with either Flooz or a Lucky Token if the memory game is played successfully before restocking. This can be repeated as often as the building is restocked. When the dungeon is at level 1 it rewards with 1 Flooz. Level 2 gives a Lucky Token which can be converted to Flooz at the Lucky Spin. A level 3 dungeon rewards with 2 Flooz.
  • Adding friends through Facebook or username allows players to earn Flooz by visiting friends and completing actions. Up to 3 Flooz can be earned daily in this way. When visiting more than 3 friends daily, a player will be rewarded with coins thereafter, the amount of coins is based on the player's level. (See also: How To Add Friends)
  • Under the Free Flooz section, players can complete Tapjoy tasks to earn Flooz, ranging from 1 Flooz for downloading a free app to dozens of Flooz for purchasing things such as insurance or magazine subscriptions.
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Level of Player

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At the top of your screen, there is a number next to a blue bar. The number is your current level, and the bar shows how far you have to go before reaching the next level.
Every time you restock a shop or finish building/upgrading a building, blue stars will make their way to that bar to fill it up. The number of stars you get per action depends upon the shop you restocked or what you built/upgraded. The number of stars it takes to fill up the bar increases with each level.
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  • A house is a building that (…)
  • You are only allowed to have a certain number of houses on your street. That number increases as you level up (by approximately one house every two levels).
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  • A business is a building that (…)
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All decorations (except for grounds) increase the amount of stock a store can hold at one time, thereby increasing the amount of coins you get payed. For villigers and visitors this is a payout-bonus. This means that the bonus percentage is not only added to the shop's stock but also to the amount of coins that villigers and visitors spend there.
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A fiesta is a short time when music plays, stars fall from the sky, and all of your villagers and any visitors in your town go nuts and spend lots of money in your shops.

To launch a Fiesta

When the heart gauge is full, the Fiesta button will appear where the gauge was. Tap it to launch a Fiesta!
You can also launch a fiesta by using these items:
Select the item in the Bag menu, then tap the Use button to launch a Fiesta.
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