Pepin helps Billy build Happy Street by restocking all the stores when they are empty (with a little help from the player of course). He does not rest or level up. He also does not have a building to call home. Pepin often offers coins and Flooz in return for collected or crafted items.
Pepin offers you to craft a Black Lotus and give it to him so he will give you a Magical Gem. Pepin will talk about his family and tell you (or Billy) that it's a family item being passed on to each person and Pepin wants to give something to his daughters.
Glitch: With no house, Pepin's eyes won't turn from hearts back to slits unless you press the Home button then go back to Happy Street.
"Name's Pepin, Globe Trotter extraordinaire!
I think we can help each other out.
You want to build a home and I need a place to sell the many wares nabbed from my travels abroad."