Poopy the bird was named by Zoe. Poopy, a female seagull, can only be found on the street and always flies from the right to the left. When Poopy enters a bird's call can be heard.
Poopy can be pooped by tapping on her. If she poops on a villager, she will fly faster. You will earn coins when Poopy hits her targets; the more that are hit without missing, the greater the payout. You can earn 60 coins when Poopy poops on each villager. For each consecutive hit the amount will be increased by 60 coins until Poopy misses and it will return back to 60 coins for the next hit.
If a visitor slips on poop, the visitor will turn around and leave without purchasing anything in the shops. The same is true for the visiting construction workers.
If Poopy's poop does not find its mark on a villager then the pile of poop will collect on the sidewalks. If a villager slips and falls on a pile of poop that is laying around, it will not affect Poopy's speed.
Any of Poopy's poop that did not find it's mark can be collected by tapping on it. If the poop is not collected and it is not slipped upon by a villager, then it will disappear after a few minutes.


  • Zoe not only named Poopy, but she also gave Brittni her name too. Brittni is the red bird in the forest.
  • Although Poopy always flies to the left, in some of the screen shots that Godzilabs provided shows Poopy flying to the right. The most common one that is known is the initial startup screen. There is also another one with the caption "A world where birds are... ... friendly".

Alternative Description

Poopy is the name given to the seagull by Zoe. She screeches when she appears and always flies from the right to the left of the screen. She poops when you tap on her, if her poop lands on the ground, you can collect it to make some items.
With proper timing, you can get Poopy to poop on a villager's head. With each "successful landing" the player will receive Coins and she will fly faster. You receive more Coins with each direct hit in a row (1 hit = 60 coins, 2 hits = 120 coins, 3 hits = 180 coins, 4 hits = 240 coins, etc). If you miss one the count starts back at 60.