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This page is about the different types of residents that live on your street and how to keep them happy.

Resident Level

Your residents arrive in your town at level 1. It takes xp for a resident to reach subsequent levels. Every time a resident visits a shop, they gain 1 xp. Residents will only gain xp while the game is open to the main area (village). They will not gain xp while the game is closed or while you're in another area. If the stores around them need to be restocked, residents will not gain xp (they cannot visit shops that need restocking and they usually will not travel more than 12 spaces from their house). Residents will still visit shops while they're unhappy, but they will do so more slowly and it will take them longer to gain xp.
Most of the time, when a resident levels up, it also gets a birthday, but as they get higher levels, that eventually stops.
When all residents in a house reach a certain level, that's when you will be able to upgrade the house (the level they must reach depends upon the house) Also, all residents must have hit the needed level, to upgrade the house.


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Every time a resident reaches the next level, a birthday cake will appear above their heads. Tap it to give them a birthday present. You will be given a choice between a new hat/hairstyle or new clothes. Occasionally, footwears or glasses will also be a choice. You will not be able to see the new look before making your choice. If you like it, tap "Awesome" and your resident will wear that from now until you change it on their next birthday. If you do not, tap "Keep the old one" and they will continue to wear what they were wearing before.
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Happiness of Residents

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When your residents are unhappy, there will be a symbol above their head. That symbol refers to the category of shop they feel like visiting.
Occasionally they will be unhappy for only a short time until they get to the shop. However, if they are unhappy for more than a few moments, that means the shop they want is too far away from their house or needs to be restocked.
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Using Items

To use an item on a resident, tap on the resident and tap the button: Use item. It will then show you everything in your bag that you can use on a resident.

Items for Individual Residents

Appearance of Residents

The appearance of residents depends on the house they live in.

General Houses

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A general house refers to the Wood Cottage, Modern House, Small Cottage, Small House, Lovely House, Seaside Small House, Seaside House and the SF House, where the general residents live in.
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Special Houses

A special house is a house whose residents can have special hairstyles and headgears, and clothing match the house. The glasses and footwears are common to the general residents.
A special house can be purchased in Coin. (Instead, a house can be purchased in Flooz is a collector's house.)

Robot Houses

A robot house is a house where the robots live. The robots can wear the Tailor Shop's clothes.

Collector's Houses

A collector house is sold as a Collector's Item, sold in Flooz, the appearance of residents is fixed and unchangeable.

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