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A visitor is a character on a vehicle, appears in the residential areas for shopping or help.
Every time you tap on a visitor, it will add one heart to your Fiesta Bar. When the Fiesta Bar is full, you will be able to throw a Fiesta.

Visitors are divided into 3 categories:
  • Random Visitors: They come to the streets automatically, require the player to tap them in order to stop their vehicles.
  • Terminal Visitors: They come to the streets only when the player taps the Terminals.
  • Helpers

Random Visitors

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When tapped, visitors will park near the place you tapped them and get out of (or off of) their vehicle.
They will then stroll to one of your shops and purchase something.
Usually it's one of the closest shops to their vehicle, but occasionally they'll choose a shop several spaces (or more!) away.
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Terminal Visitors

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They come to the streets only when the player taps the Terminals: Bus Stop, Taxi Stand, etc.
See Terminals for more information.


Construction Worker

Main article: Construction Worker
A construction worker is a visitor who wears a yellow hard hat and drives a yellow construction vehicle/tow truck. If stopped, he will walk to the closest building in the process of being constructed/upgraded and speed up building by 1 hour.
He only appears if a building is in the process of being constructed. However, if he drives by just as the building completes and you tap on him, he will park, stand there, and then drive away without doing anything.
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If you exit the game or go into another area (such as the forest or mountain), all visitors that were in your village will disappear. This includes Leo (the bird in the flying machine), the construction worker, and any visitor from a bus stop or taxi stand. If there are any rich visitors in your village or a massive amount of regular visitors (like you can have if you build numerous bus stops), just wait that extra 15 seconds for them to buy something. It's worth it if you need the coins!
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