• Level 1: 1,000 Coins.
  • Level 2: 80 Flooz.
  • Level 3: 220 Flooz.
  • Second Building: 475 Flooz.
  • Build & Upgrade Time: 00:03:00 x the level number


Leo will speed up items being made in the Workshop by one hour if stopped. You can also finish up these items yourself by spending a certain amount of Flooz determined by the amount of time the project takes (1 hour, 20 minutes per Flooz).
Wood Planks are used in tons of things like Wood Buckets, so it is good to have plenty to spare.
You should make Wood Bucket as soon as you can in order to collect Water in the Forest. You'll eventually need two in order to make Paper. You can refill as soon as you've started crafting.


Metal crafts will be available at the Workshop and the Studio after completing the quest: Shifty Pryce, available at level 20 or above.

Quest Items

Skateboard and Origami appear only when needed for the quest in the Workshop menu. Will then disappear from the menu after the quest is complete.


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